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Advertising Banner: These are the virtual banners you will see on your browser or social network websites. Different networks such as MSN, Facebook, Google can be used to put your banners up. You set out your budget and audience, we create the banners and optimize them for you! Our banners do not only help you stand out attracting viewers’ attention immediately but also allows unlimited creativity on the way you promote your business. Each click draws more customers and expands your business potential.

SEO:  Has someone said “optimization”? One of the milestones in marketing, Search Engine Optimization is our business! Needless to say, SEO is used to increase your priority on Google, bringing the customers right to your door.

Email marketing: The database of your customers via booking, internet searches or inquiries can be constructed and managed while you are running your business. Knowing your customers better, using emails saves you the paper work, door to door marketing and cold calls. Send out emails to everyone at the same time to notify them about special offers or release of new products and services.

SMS Marketing: Using your database, we can reach your customers or potential customers via SMS. An instant way of reaching your audience. A most effective marketing tool.

Social Media Marketing: Twitter, Instagram, Facebook are all what is keeping people busy. Why not use it to your advantage? We customize Twitter, Facebook and Instagram pages to pop out your business ad or use Facebook advertising system to reach your audience directly.